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As the web continues to grow in popularity, the need to advertise local businesses is more apparent than ever. This doesn’t necessarily have to be in the form of an E-Commerce store, however. A consistent trend has shown that local “brick and mortar” businesses are experiencing a decline in leads directed from the Yellow Pages and a significant increase in searches performed on internet giants such as Google and Bing. To grow a business’s visibility in today’s technology oriented society, a company should start by building a website to showcase their products or services. The website should be optimized for search engines, which will drive higher volumes of traffic and enable consumers to easily navigate to the website.

Furthermore, it is critical to claim a profile in the top 3 search engines, which include Google, Yahoo, & Bing.  Essentially, these are free profiles that are visible when a search is performed for your business, product, and/or keywords related to your services. These profiles allow for customers to leave reviews about your product/service and their experience working with your business. Below I have listed some tips to promote customers to leave positive reviews for your business:

Personally Ask Your Customers to Leave a Review

Typically when the business manager or owner personally requests for a customer to leave a review, consumers are inclined to leave a positive comment rather than a negative review. The majority of customers that are not happy with a product or service will often make the business aware before leaving a review, which allows the company to have time to repair the strained relationship.

Reviews Act As Testimonials

Customers frequently search for information to confirm the legitimacy and quality of a business before making a purchase. A well written, positive testimonial is an invaluable marketing tool to gain new customers and establish credibility for a brand. The continuous accumulation of positive reviews from satisfied customers will in turn cause an increase in future business from new and return buyers.

Reviews Acting As SEO Social Signals

Social media has become increasingly influential to SEO and the search engine results page for terms related to your business. Recently, to add more value to a business’s internet marketing strategy, Google has released its own Social Media platform called Google Plus, which is another effective way to reach out and build the trust of potential customers.

As social media continues to grow in strength, large search engines like Google monitor social signals to rank those with positive reviews higher in the results. Having an active local profile page with several positive reviews is a great social signal which shows that your business is popular with residents in that particular city or town.

I hope these tips help and if you need additional help, contact us at Pixels & Dots.

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