Social Networking and Google

With the introduction of the new networking platform titled the Google Plus Project, it appears that the search engine giant is becoming increasingly interested making their claim in the social media realm.

As Google Plus continues to grow in popularity, it is critical that U.S. businesses are taking notice.  Looking to take a stand as the latest and greatest social media resource, Google Plus is aiming to overtake industry competitors Facebook and Twitter as the go-to networking venue.

As mentioned in a previous post, in regard to the future of internet traffic, it was mentioned that search engine use is projected to decrease, as social media traffic continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. It appears that Google has taken notice and has taken a proactive approach with the implementation of the new social media project.  As internet traffic continues to wean away from search engines and toward social networking websites, marketing and advertising revenues will begin to follow the same path.

One facet of the Google Plus Project is the implementation of the “+1”  button.  This feature works in a similar capacity to Facebook’s “Like” button, but it is also included into search engine results pages as well.  This feature is only available when Internet users are signed in to their Google Plus account, but as network enrollment continues to grow, the significance of the “+1” feature will develop along with it.

This is bound to have an impact on search engine optimization as well.  This can be attributed to ranking algorithms, which may utilize buttons when ranking your website.  A strong population of internet users clicking the “+1” button can be taken into consideration by Google’s search engine algorithms.  Whether Google actually uses this data to rank your website is uncertain, as Google Plus is still a relatively new networking platform.  Either way, it is critical for each webmaster to put some serious consideration into Google Plus and the benefits it may reap.

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