What’s the Best Type of Traffic to Your Website?

It’s fairly obvious what the best traffic is for a website.  The best type is when you have very targeted visitors coming to your site looking for the exact product or service that you provide.  This traffic is more likely to convert into buyers because they want your type of goods and services.

One way to ensure that you get this type of traffic is by using buyer focused keywords.  These are keywords that utilize buyer intention.

To get these buyer focused visitors in the online world to your website, you need to buy targeted advertisements or base your search engine optimization techniques on keywords with buyer intentions in mind.

Some online campaigns such banner advertising may not be targeted to exactly what people are looking for but it usually is targeted in a general sense.  For example, if you are in the tooling business, you might place a banner advertisement on a site about woodworking.  This allows people to click on the banner and come to your site and buy something they are interested in.

Usually, there aren’t many people that click and buy anything from a banner advertisement but it is still a way to brand your online business.  Even if the traffic coming to your site isn’t precisely targeted, you may still get a sale later on when they do need your products.

They will be more likely to remember your brand name when the time comes to buy.  With that said, it’s important to make your site’s domain name memorable and have keyword phrases placed in the URL if possible.  This is good for branding and SEO.

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